A Calendar for Moms

by Cat on January 27, 2011

by Designing Mom Liberty

I know we live in the digital age. I handle most of my life from my
iPhone while my Mac sits neglected in a corner of my studio (hey,
it’s the reality of life as a mom of 3).  What is also reality is that
there simply isn’t a way for me to contain my family’s schedule neatly
in the iCal function. I tried. But there just wasn’t a way to
visualize the day, the week, the various overlaps of kiddie classes
and carpools, and to also have a place to jot down dinner ideas and
shopping lists and to see it all at once.
So I returned to paper. And at first I bought your run-of-the-mill
office supply store weekly calendar… But last year, a fabulous
friend of mine bought me a new calendar and I’m a convert. Erin Condren is a local Los Angeles mom herself and I’ve actually done a few shows at
LA boutiques where she’d sell her gorgeous wares a few aisles
over from me. I’d always admired her clean, bright, bold and colorful
style that resonates with a modern sense of style, but i hadn’t paid
much attention to her calendar until i got one myself.
Come to find out, not only is this calendar very cute, filled with
bright colors, great labeling stickers and actually customizable with
names and even family portraits (awesome), but it’s actually the only
one I have found that displays the days vertically – so that each day
has a section for morning, day, and evening in a way that works really
well for a mom’s lifestyle.
This is a feature i can’t give up now, and don’t want to.
I’m already planning which of her 2011 calendar covers go well with
our family portrait… And though you can now get then
non-personalized planners through the Target website, Ive gotta say,
seeing my family’s sweet faces on my planner all year has helped me to
remember what really matters most as i look ahead at crazy days ahead.

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