Biz How-To’s: Juggling the job and Holiday Craziness

by Cat on December 27, 2010

I know most blogs are off until the new year but I couldn’t help but sprinkle in some extra holiday posts this week from the Designing Moms to carry you over.  If you are like us, then I bet you’re trying to balance the holidays with quality family time but work in some time to, well…work.  An almost impossible feat.  I am currently holed up at a very nice holiday retreat with the fam trying to do the same–my requirement was a writing desk, fireplace and lots of “groundage” for ‘Zilla to explore (I’ll post up pics later in the week!).  Designing Mom Erika wrote a post on some great tips on how she juggles this time of year below.  Let us know how you manage to do it!
by Designing Mom Erika of Delphine:
Here’s a tip on how to juggle a creative job and holiday craziness :
No matter what, it’s going to be crazy this time of year. So just embrace the craziness. Accept that you will have to cram more into the already jam packed days than usual. This is what I do: set the alarm for a full 2 hours before I usually get up, so that I can get some Delphine work done in the early morning. Make a to do list (I just started using the free web app TEUXDEUX for this and adore it) and stick to it. If you know you have to run out to pick up wrapping paper, put it on the to do list so your brain doesn’t go crazy telling you “wrappingpaperwrappingpaperwrappingpaper” all day.
I schedule in FUN/KID holiday time, and break up long tasks (like baking and decorating cookies with the kids) into smaller, less stressful activities. For example, at 3:30 today I will be making royal icing to decorate cookies that I baked yesterday, for which I made the dough the day before. In years past, this is an activity that I’d try to cram into one sitting, which would make me exhausted and cranky. Also, in years past I would try to bake and decorate cookies, make hand painted wrapping paper, bake and decorate a gingerbread house, and hand deliver home baked treats to friends. This year I’ve just accepted that there is NO WAY there is time for all that, so I picked the things that are most important (and least stressful) and am saving the other activities for next year. I’d rather bake and decorate cookies in 3 separate sittings with my son, and do it with a smile on my face, than exhaust myself trying to be supermom. Because I don’t feel rushed or stressed out, I can really enjoy this time with him.
Another tip: adding cocoa, whipped cream and crushed candy cane sprinkles to your afternoon coffee. I’m convinced some of Santa’s magic comes from this super-sugar-caffeine-charged cup of joy.
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