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by Cat on November 10, 2010

by Designing Mom Liberty of Libby Dibby

Given that we’ve got playgroups, church groups, classmates, cousins
and many other places for kiddos to make friends, it’s no surprise
that the idea of birthday gifts for each party we go to can become
daunting. It can even become it’s own line item in the family monthly

It was exactly that problem that spurred me to start making my
birthday gifts by hand for my kids and their friends. I now have a
great go-to gift that costs less than $5, often I only spend $1 and 20
minutes…and I end up with a gift I know the kid will love.
I stock up on t-shirts in various sizes when i go to the $1 store. They
often have at least a few quality tees. Or when they are on sale
somewhere, I’ll pick up a few in 2T, 4T, and now 6. I use heat-n-bond
(following directions on the package), iron a small 6″x6″ patch onto a
cool fabric and freehand a block letter for the child’s first initial.
I iron that onto the shirt and end up with a monogrammed shirt that
usually ends up being the child’s favorite… It’s cheap, easy, takes only a few minutes,
and doesn’t clutter up their home with loads of plastic…

Another variation that’s been fun sometimes is to do their new
birthday age as the subject… Or to put it onto a sweatshirt or
hoodie. You can see in my pic that as you get more familiar with the process,
even more complex shapes can be done – as I did for baby Presley!

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Gloria November 10, 2010 at 3:15 pm

what a nice, thoughtful gift. it would sure be nice to have extras as gifts. I am always late to buy presents!


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