Make: Jackie’s 365

by Cat on February 24, 2011

by Designing Mom Jackie

I’m happy to be back with February photo picks from my 365 project. Despite the plethora of pink and red inundating us in this month, I did my best to diversify my palette. Looking over my collection of photos from the last few weeks, I can’t say there is much of a trend, pattern, or linear story to be told. Instead my pictures more and more seem to capture the moments between moments in my life. It is during the unexpected pauses during my day – when I’m buying tangerines, parking my car, tying my shoe, mailing a letter –  that I find myself faced with objects, images, color combinations that strike my fancy and send me desperately searching for my camera. This is really what this project is about for me, this daily delight in finding images that document these unexpected moments in my life.

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Almira @ Healthy Republic February 24, 2011 at 9:48 am

Just found your site—love it! But I wish your RSS feed included your images. I’d love to subscribe if I could read the entire post (with images) via my Google Reader! 😉


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