Make: Party Hat

by Cat on April 1, 2009

Celebrations just won’t do without a proper party hat. And Designing Mom Kate has created the perfect one to help her little Oscar celebrate his big “One”!

Make: Party Hat

by Designing Mom Kate

One year ago – I was uber pregnant and doing everything in my power to birth my baby on time (eating hot wings, makin’ love, scarfing hot fudge sundaes, acupuncture, massage). I was reading all the expecting books, reviewing my birth plan, meeting with my doula and getting excited for the big day. I kept wondering if I would know when labor started and how that would feel. But mostly, I just wanted to meet the little person growing inside of my body for all these months.

And now – that little person is turning ONE! This first year has been one of the most amazing and delightful and challenging and hilarious and sleep-deprived of my life. My heart has expanded and continues to do so every day as I fall more and more in love with Oscar.

We’ll be in Mexico for his 1st birthday – so I decided to make him a little party hat. I had some leftover denim from a botched hemming job that inspired the hat. I’m not as crafty as some of the moms here – but give me some cute fabric and some glue and even I can make something original and cool.

Kate’s steps to a cool party hat:

1. Buy a cheap card stock party hat at any party store

2. Un-staple it and use it to make a pattern for any fabric (I chose denim)

3. Cut out the number you’re celebrating in a contrasting fabric (I chose denim in reverse)

4. Cut out other designs (stripes, dots, shapes) in various fabrics/colors

5. Staple the hat back together with the main fabric.

6. Fabric glue your design onto the hat

7. Make a little hoo-haw for the top (I just chopped up a square of felt – bunched at one end and fanned out)

And voila! An easy, adorable, original birthday hat for your favorite little one.

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marzi April 1, 2009 at 1:13 pm

that is just about the cutest thing i’ve ever seen!


jackie April 1, 2009 at 4:06 pm

happy birthday oscar and to you! great hat.


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