Make: Popcorn Hat

by Cat on June 28, 2010

by Designing Mom April of Shibumi Gallery

My boy doesn’t like baby blue. So being a discerning mom myself I decided to give them all away to someone who does. As the pile of clothes sat in my office I had this thought that I could dye some of the ones that I liked the cotton material of. So I did. I used good old Rit dye. I am sure there are more natural dyes but being a working mom with my three month old son. I opted for what I knew I could get quickly. My first batch was a blue that I like to call Indigo….and I dyed everything that I imagined would look good.

The hat and some of his onesies got special treatment. I used popping corn and small hair rubber bands to make small irregular circles.

1- Put popcorn under fabric and stretch tightly rubber band around each kernel
2- Make a pattern or just use a random pattern.
3- Bucket add hot boiling water to fill
4- Rit dye~ color of choice, Stir in dye
5- Let sit for a couple hours if dye is older might want to leave in overnight
6- Do a general rinsing by hose or sink
7- Wash in washing machine on hot, wash only the same color of clothing you just dyed
8- Remove rubber bands and corn
9- Dry in dryer
Below hat, t-shirt and overalls all dyed in the same bath. Then I sewed a patch over the overall logo!

Next is my chocolate brown batch……!
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Josh June 29, 2010 at 5:56 am

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Danielle June 29, 2010 at 2:40 pm

with his little hat and lavendar…too cute!!


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