Best Worst Valentine’s Day Stories

by Cat on February 11, 2013

Whether you love or hate Valentine’s day, I know you’ve got a tale or two. I catalog my Valentine’s Day memories to outfits…I’ve donned some pretty cheesy (red on top of red on top of red)  getups during my earlier years. But I’ve had some really sweet and creative Valentine’s Day celebrations, including a card making session I made with Zilla which I will post up tomorrow. This week we’re running a best/worst Valentine’s story on our Cat Seto Facebook page and we want your story! Post yours here for a chance to win 50% off any party dress in our San Francisco boutique. Winners will be chosen at the end of February. We will announce the winner on the event page and post it here on Mom Inc Daily, so keep posting and watching for winner updates. Spread the love of this event with friends and family, because anyone who posts a story, either good or bad, gets 10% off their next purchase at our boutique.

image via Babasouk

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