If I were a Tai Tai…

by Cat on July 28, 2011

…I’d go and get some rainbow hair extensions right before high tea at the Ritz.

My friend Joycelyn and I will hit up a restaurant or two when we don’t have any fires at the studio or in our personal lives (this is rare I have to say).  Without fail, dinner conversation is always full of laughter and serious soulful contemplation…such as fantasizing about what Tai Tai’s do.  In Chinese, Tai Tai means lady of leisure and the title is a source of intrigue for us. No laundry, no client deadlines…what kind of bizarro world is that!

I know many of you busy moms out there might have this fantasy too and I want to know if  you were a Tai Tai, what would YOU do?

via The Beauty department

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