Biz How-To: Live the Dream

by Cat on January 5, 2011

by Designing Mom Ryan

I am a mother. I am business owner of Savoir Flair. I am living my dream. For me it’s about being around for the moments in life that matter most but still listening to my own creative needs.  As a business owner I make my own rules. I set my hours.  Therefore, I can help in my son’s kindergarten class and I can take my daughter to story hour at the library.  I am lucky. I know that. I wish this for so many women.

So often other women will say to me “I wish I could do that, but I just don’t think I ever could.” If you are one of those women, I say, you can.  Yes, it’s scary and it’s a leap, sometimes a big one.  And I know this sounds cliché but if you don’t try you’ll never be able to succeed. I have quite an interest in this subject. I can talk about it forever. It has been such an amazing experience for me and my family. I have flexibility, the creative outlet I need, and I can happily contribute financially to our lives. If I hadn’t started …just a bit at a time….I’d be the same as you…thinking about it…but not acting on it…that’s the only difference between us. Really. I have no business degree. I jumped…..leaped off and learned as I went. There was likely a better, safer, smarter way. But I don’t care. I just DID IT as they say.

There is a woman I think you all should know about. I wish I’d met her as I was starting my business. Do you ever hear people say things like “she is such a force” or “she is that salt of the earth kind of person”?  Well…those are both true for Nada Jones of LTD 365. That stands for Live the Dream 365, meaning…every day…live your dream…everyday.  Nada’s enthusiasm is contagious. She makes you feel like it’s not as scary as you once thought. After late night coffee shop sessions with Nada about how I could take my business to the next level I seem to float away…excited for the next day…she somehow creates this clear path in front of you. I’ll call it Nada’s Yellow Brick Road…only the Emerald City is whatever you want it to be. YOUR dream.

I am so thrilled to be the event coordinator for the first annual LTD EXPO coming up Jan. 13 in Pasadena, CA.  If you are able to get to Pasadena for this one day event, you will find a line up of speakers who will inspire and educate. You will find a group of women waiting to connect and relate….to you. You will find the tools and resources you need to stop thinking about your dream and start living it.  If you attend, please come up and introduce yourself. I will be the one with the clipboard and the headset and I’ll be excited for your leap into the amazing unknown.

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Tom Sims January 5, 2011 at 4:59 am

What a creative blog, concept, and dream. I was inspired. Keep up the great work!


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