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Decorate: Kid Car Magnets

by Cat on March 9, 2011

by Designing Mom Kirsten of Simply Grove

Here is a fun idea!

I have always tried to invent a clever idea for my son’s car collection.  It seems like he has a million cars floating around the house!  I step on them in the kitchen, lay on them under my pillow and sit on them in the bath tub.  I saw this image on The Style Files and instantly wanted to try it!  All it is is a magnet knife holder, secured on the wall with the cars fashionably displayed.  Brilliant!!

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Design & Decor: Bleubird Nursery

by Cat on January 18, 2011

by Designing Mom Kirsten of Simply Grove

I seem to always get the baby bug when I see a a fantastic nursery around the blogosphere.  Bleubird Vintage seems to hit the nail with the hammer every time.  I love a good mix of vintage and new.  She has shown that you can be whimsical in your design and still stay fresh and modern.   She has also shown that color should not be feared.  I am totally eyeing all of the fabulous vintage baby clothes!  Are you kidding me??  It is endless!  And any baby would enjoy the collection of knit toys keeping the crib company.  (I spy luckyboy sunday and blabla kids.)
I can’t ever get tired of the Studio Violet print above the reading area.  It fits in perfectly with the yellow bird cage and the mid century rocker.
I think baby will wake up every morning happy and inspired by all that this room has to offer!  See more of the room here.

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