Balance: Work and Play

by Cat on April 24, 2013

It’s one of those days…so apologies for the radio silence and the VERY late posting! As I may have mentioned, I am launching a brand new line and the really big deadlines were this week. I am still in my gym clothes and have barely looked up from the laptop except to greet Zilla. Just now I saw this on my pinterest… a quick perky little DIY to string garlands into the balloons as party favors. The hug from Zilla and this picture certainly brightened up my day. If you know Zilla then a balloon + a garland fit his personality to a TEE. And even though I am sleepless, unshowered and a zombie…I am filled with gratitude that our children can be constant reminders of all the light around us. That they lure us away like sirens to put away our daily to-do’s and deadlines to just indulge in their sweetness and mischief for a few moments.


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