Make: Badges by CleoMade

by Cat on April 23, 2013

These DIY badges are terrific for your little heroes. I also happen to think they’d make great party favors. Cleo of CleoMade is here with not only instructions on how to make these but a free download to use and print. All you have to do is visit: and click on “Badges for Mom Inc” on the right. Enjoy!
FIG. 1 SUPPLIES: Badge Clips, (available from various office supply stores) pin backs, or you could even use a hair clip or old lanyard. Tape, Tacky glue, glue brush, glue cup, popsicle sticks, scissors, felt, printout of artwork, and an assortment of ribbons and sparkly things.
FIG. 2 Cut out the art and paint glue on the back.
FIG. 3 Stick the art to a piece of felt.
FIG. 4 Cut the felt around the art, leaving a small border of felt showing.
FIG. 5 Tape a popsicle stick to a badge clip.
FIG. 6 First, glue ribbons hanging from the stick. Then glue a piece or ribbon trim across the top of the stick. Add some sparkles.
FIG. 7 Glue one badge on the popsicle stick, and lastly, glue one badge on the clip.
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